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“I found the day was helpful in allowing me to recognise better the potential impact of human factors on a dental care professional’s performance in practice and the impact this could have on patients. It was also useful to learn more about the capacity bucket and how to recognise when you or your colleagues may feel overloaded and how to manage workload to prevent overload. Discussion of communication methods and acronyms to use in practice to work better with nurse colleagues was good to recap over.”

“The course was successful as it did highlight how small errors throughout the day can snowball and lead to mistakes being made. The course demonstrated how to identify these early on and try and create more boundaries before incidents occur, using the swiss cheese model.”

“I will consider other people’s capacity more and try to discuss it more in work. I will also consider my own personal capacity and make sure I am looking after myself more so that I can perform to my best ability.”

“It has made me more aware of the variables which can affect your performance and being aware of what factors make your performance its best and making sure these remain stable to prevent error from occurring.”

“The dental case studies and scenarios were useful to further understand the importance of human factors and managing and preventing human error for making mistakes.”

“It was good to discuss personal capacity and how everyone can be different. It was good to learn about human factors because this is not something I had heard of before and helpful to relate it to dentistry.”